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UPDATE (September 2020)

Our Ipswich and Bury St Edmunds hubs are now open following temporary closure and are accepting new referrals. Our Haverhill hub is due to reopen in October and is accepting new referrals. Find out more here and how to make a referral.

Headway Suffolk services during Coronavirus

During the coronavirus pandemic, Headway Suffolk has adapted its services so we can continue providing vital rehab, therapy and support to adults with brain injury, stroke and neurological conditions in a safe, engaging and responsible way.

Virtual Hub

Dial in by video twice a day to join other Headway clients from the comfort of your home and take part in fun, stimulating and therapeutic activities, as well as catching up socially and keeping mentally well.


We are preparing and delivering freshly-cooked meals to our clients to ensure everyone is able to eat healthily and nutritiously. This is particularly useful if you cannot use a conventional oven.


Our dedicated team are delivering vital care to vulnerable adults at home to ensure they are supported with personal care, medication and food at this difficult time.


If you have any concerns, worries or questions, call us on 01473 712225 during office hours and our staff will be more than happy to help.


Our counsellor is providing telephone and video therapy to keep people emotionally safe and well during this very distressing time.

Brainy Dogs

Brainy Dogs can still help you through this time of social isolation remotely with photos, videos, phone calls and a blog. Call Sophie on 07725 888297 or email brainydogs@hotmail.co.uk. You can also complete the application form.

If you have any further ideas, please contact us on 01473 712225 or email helenmfairweather@headwaysuffolk.org.uk.

Headway Suffolk Coronavirus Appeal

It is a very difficult time at Headway Suffolk during the coronavirus crisis due to losing funding and not being able to do fundraising, but also our workload has dramatically increased.

Our homecare team are extremely busy. We’ve taken more referrals in the last fortnight than we do in a whole year. We are helping hospitals to get people out as soon as possible and free up a hospital bed for someone else.

Our hub staff are also helping the homecare team deliver vital care to vulnerable adults who are frightened and scared and need our support to get up and dressed and have food and medication. We can’t abandon these people.

Most of our clients cannot use a conventional oven so we are cooking and delivering our own ready meals to help those isolated at home.

Like all charities and care providers, we’re desperate for personal protective equipment due to a shortage, so if anyone’s got a supply they could donate to us that would be very much appreciated.

Our clients are very distressed at the moment and our counsellor is offering telephone and video counselling to keep people emotionally safe and well.

We’re looking to raise £100,000 in our Coronavirus Appeal to make up for the shortfall in funding we usually would have had from social care and not being able to host fundraising events, but also we are having to spend more to keep people safe and to provide the extra food and PPE, so we would be grateful for any donations we could get.

Please donate here – uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fund/headwaysuffolkappeal.

Covid-19 Risk Assessment

Click to read our risk assessment on Covid-19.

Anna is feeling thankful for Headway Suffolk on Giving Tuesday

As part of #GivingTuesdayNow, Anna Leggett is feeling thankful for the support of Headway Suffolk after suffering a brain injury in a road accident three and half years ago.

Anna, a mother of three from Waldringfield, near Woodbridge, was involved in an accident in November 2016 when a Land Rover drove into the back of her car on the A137, which made her head jolt hard back and forwards and caused a concussion/mild diffuse axonal injury (DAI).

Headway Suffolk supported Anna in her first year of recovery with its rehab and therapy services, including an Understanding Brain Injury course, counselling and Brainy Dogs visits. She later made a substantial donation to thank the charity. Click to read more about Anna’s story.

Headway Suffolk is asking for others to support its work on #GivingTuesdayNow – a global day of unity in response to coronavirus and a chance to show appreciation to those who have helped others through this challenging time.

With the closure of its hubs and other therapy services, the charity has estimated it needs to raise £100,000 to cover the shortfall of the loss of services and fundraising events.

Donations can be made on its Coronavirus Appeal page at virginmoneygiving.com/fund/headwaysuffolkappeal or through other methods by calling 01473 712225.