Headway Suffolk

Mission Statement

To provide a full range of services to people and their families affected by any form of brain injury or neurological condition, enabling them to reach their full potential.

Aims and Objectives

The services offered will assist in recovery and rehabilitation where appropriate and dignity and care to all.

Headway Suffolk

Aims of the service

To provide an environment where individuals can learn, relearn and practice skills in the company of others with peer support and understanding of their needs.

To provide varied participative rehabilitation activities and services geared to the individuals’ needs, enabling them to reach their full potential.

To improve general quality of life.

To provide respite for the relatives or carers of people with a brain injury or condition.

To improve their understanding of brain injuries and conditions.

To reduce the development of higher level dependency or deterioration in the health of service users.

To provide innovative and flexible services.


To provide a sustainable, growing, flexible and innovative service to meet the individual needs.

How we meet these aims