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Project to help clients improve financial wellbeing

Headway Suffolk is launching a project to help our clients learn important life skills to improve their financial independence and wellbeing during the cost of living crisis.

Clients will learn skills on how to cook nutritious meals and reduce reliance on ready meals.

They will be supported to go shopping, learn how to make informed choices when buying food, develop budgeting skills and save money, how to reduce travel costs and to save energy at home.

The project will empower clients by learning skills on how small changes in their lives can make a positive impact.

This will be:

  • Learn to cook nutritiously using a slow cooker and reduce reliance on costly ready meals
  • Learn how to make informed shopping choices and reduce buying habits of expensive items
  • Empower clients to reduce reliance on taxi costs by walking to shops or using bus pass
  • How to make small adjustments at home like reducing washing machine temperature to reduce costs

Please support Headway Suffolk to help our clients improve their financial independence and wellbeing – avivacommunityfund.co.uk/p/helping-8